The Black Cat by J.M. Geever

The Black Cat


by J. M. Geever

Myra Scar lies murdered on the floor of her gourmet restaurant, stabbed in the back with one eye cut out. The Sheriff of San Luis Obispo County will not find her killer by interrogating Patton August, the deceitful slacker who waits tables. He won’t find the killer by digging up dirt on Jackson Judy, a brilliant Sommelier whose life is governed by a sequence of magic numbers. But if he traces this murder back to its roots—to a village in Alsace, 230 years ago, where a pioneering winemaker tried to save an exquisite Gewürztraminer vine from Franco-German warfare—then he might find something that resembles the truth.

If Edgar Allan Poe recited John Steinbeck’s East of Eden while drunk on California wine, the transcript would sound like J. M. Geever’s first novel, The Black Cat. A murder mystery and multi-generational family saga filled with transvestite vintners, obscure European wars, cats who walk upright, vengeful ghosts, and fine wine, The Black Cat introduces the world to a captivating new voice in literature.

“J.M. Geever writes with an erudition, wit, and mystery reminiscent of The Crying of Lot 49 and the historical soul of Arc d’X. With The Black Cat, he perfectly captures the essence of California’s place in both the idealization and disintegration of the American dream.” – Matthew Gallaway, author of The Metropolis Case

“At times hilarious, at times chilling, The Black Cat is a relentlessly inventive book. With a kinetic, cascading style all his own, Geever creates a world where nothing is quite what it seems.” — Cam Terwilliger, Fulbright Scholar, McGill University

“Got a semi just reading this.” — Ismet Prcic, author of Shards


geever1J. M. Geever graduated from UC San Diego and received a Master’s degree in English Literature from Humboldt State University. The Black Cat is his first published fiction.  He lives with his tribe of Morobians, wife and two children, on the coast of California.

Paperback / 136 pages / 8.5 x 5.5″ / ISBN 9780615568171

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