The Horror

One of my favorite holiday traditions is curling up with a good book and letting it scare the puke out of me. You may love H. P. Lovecraft, or say Stephen King is king, but I think Brian Evenson is even better. He’s a craftsman and a connoiseur. Imagine if Edgar Allan Poe watched too many sci-fi movies on late night TV and it caused his writing to suffer. Did I say suffer? I meant turn staticky and develop superpowers and come running at you with fangs. That’s what Evenson’s stories are like.

We’ve already told you about Immobility and Fugue State. Evenson’s latest collection, Windeye, is full of spooky little twins, desperate hikes through the barren snow, and an ancient diving suit that is either a portal to another realm or a beast that consumes everyone who puts it on. Here are a few stories from Windeye that’ll put the fear in you.


“The Second Boy”


“Anskan House”

– Brian Hurley

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