The Books that Revved Our Engine in 2009

 Top 5

Didion, The White Album

Hemon, Love & Obstacles

Kunzru, My Revolutions

McCarthy, Remainder

Whitehead, Sag Harbor


10 More

Bell, The Collectors

Chandler, Farewell, My Lovely

De Quincey, On Murder

Evenson, Fugue State

Fallada, Every Man Dies Alone

Koestler, Darkness at Noon

O’Neill, Netherland

Weinberger, Oranges and Peanuts for Sale

Wood, How Fiction Works

Wray, Lowboy


And Especially

Berentson, Miss Harper Can Do It


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  1. Love it.

    But too late! I already made my reading list for 2010!

    (See The Literary Brothel for more deets.)

    (Yes, we use words like “deets” on the site.)

    (But not as often as parenthetical addendums.)

    Thanks though.



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