Robert Repino Has a New Catchphrase

The Fiction Advocate’s first book, ROBERT REPINO HAS A NEW CATCHPHRASE, is available now.

This is a short collection of 104 awful lies about our dear friend Robert Repino.

Some of the lies appeared on our Twitter feed and some are brand new.

All of them sound like they might be hilarious, but they end up being just weird.

The book is 40 pages in length and features a bitchin’ cover design by Matt Tanner.

It also features blurbs from three highly accomplished novelists.

“Robert Repino once threw me 130 blocks in the air to my office, where I landed softly and on-time.”

—Matthew Gallaway, author of The Metropolis Case

“Robert Repino can unhinge his jaw like a snake, but only does so to crush the empty can of his afternoon energy drink.”

—Jane Berentson, author of Long Division

“Robert Repino is a first class house-sitter.”

—Ismet Prcic, author of Shards

The book is only $8 $5.

Buy it now by clicking the link.

We’ll mail a copy to your shipping address.

Here are some preview pages.

1 2 3 4

Seriously, get this.

You want it.

All proceeds will be rolled up into the next Fiction Advocate book, which will be even bigger and better.

“Buy now!”



  1. Brian, it looks like all of your books are upside down, even the ones that aren’t. You should call the printer, tell them there’s a production problem, and demand all your money back.

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