Welcome, Mike!

Michael Moats has joined Fiction Advocate as an editor.

Yes, the breadwinning author of “The Real Holden Caulfield,” the world’s greatest live-blogger of Infinite Jest, the mastermind behind Jolene Does Things is now bringing you all kinds of books, news, and rants right here.

We’ve combined Fiction Advocate with Mike’s own site, Trade Paperbacks, so all the stuff you loved about Trade Paperbacks—the DFW minutia, the free books, the adorable guest posts—is here. Check out the Infinite Jest liveblog and the entire Trade Paperbacks card catalog using the links at the top.

And be sure to friend Trade Paperbacks on Facebook, as it will soon become the Fiction Advocate Facebook page.

Does the world need another fiction advocate? If it’s Michael Moats then yes, definitely.

– Brian Hurley

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